Congo Project

This project, initially for 12 months commenced October 2015, was in partnership with Special Olympics Congo and managed by Sister Brigitte Yengo DC, MD, the founder and a past president of Special Olympics Congo. Sister Yengo, a Catholic nun and National College of Chiropractic graduate, is widely known and admired for her children’s orphanage near the capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville (

The project provided community-based assistance to both mentally and physically challenged youth athletes, with an opening grant of US $5,000.

This support was for various needs, including clothing and equipment, costs of training and competing in games events organized under the authority of Special Olympics Congo and chiropractic screening and services under the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program.

Sister Brigitte Yengo

Youth in their Special Olympics Congo vests at athletic events in the Congo.

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